Did You Update Your Whatsapp?

Cyber security

Whatsapp, detected that globally 150 Billion users smartphone has been attacked by the malicious actors which includes calls, messages, images & Videos, location, etc.., This bug may installed both iphone and android by placing/attending an unknown phone call. Even if a user wasn’t aware about it there is more chance to install the spyware on their smartphones and giving hackers to access their data unlimitedly.

The alarming cause is that once the spyware installed in the smartphone via whatsapp it erases all the call logs within whatsapp. It giving no means to confirm about the malicious attack.


Whatsapp is researching about the spyware attack. In the meantime whatsapp has been released an update to safeguard their user’s data and smartphones. To Safeguard your data and your smartphone go to google play store or to your Apple App Store to update the whatsapp’s current version.

  • Latest Android Software Version – 2.19.140
  • Latest IOS Version – 2.19.51
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